Video Tutorials

Have a look at our QBRX video tutorials. They explain different functions and the application range of our IoT platform QBRX. 

Check our homepage on a regular basis! We continuously update our videos or add new ones.

video tutorial: user interface

Have a look at this quick start tutorial about QBRX. You will get a first overview about the user interface and the most important functions of the IoT platform.
(published on April 20, 2018)

video tutorial: introduction to QUDE

You have the possibility to create individual calculation rules for data points with QUDEQBRX universal data point editor. You can also make new message rules in a quick and easy way. The tutorial shows you exactely how to do it.
(published on May 28, 2018)

video tutorial: user-dashboard

Create your own user-dashboard, i. e. your personal welcome page on QBRX. The tutorial shows you all possibilities to make your individual adjustments.
(published on June 7, 2017)

video tutorial: scatter plot

With scatter plots you are able to analyze dependencies of different data points. The aim is to use the results for deriving optimization measures. The tutorial explains how to easily create your own scatter plots.
(published on July 17, 2017)

video tutorial: filter function

The filter function helps you to quickly and easily find all of your relevant data. Our video explains how to use our filters.
(published on May 29, 2017)