System overview

Put an end to individual solutions for energy management and facility management. QBRX combines both as well as a selection of building control functions on one platform! Discover your new way of working!

Energy and facility managers have faced special challenges for many years. They work with a great variety of software applications simultaneously in order to keep an overview of all relevant data. Excel tables, energy management systems, databases and facility management systems are only a few examples that must be considered in the search for information. This lack of transparency costs time and money. But there’s no reason for this, because there’s a solution: QBRX. QBRX combines energy management, facility management, and a variety of building control functions on one platform and helps you work more efficiently, faster, and easier

based on data that is always up to date.

But that’s not all! Thanks to the cloud-based system you and your colleagues will always have access to all data, tools, and documents - everywhere. You will also profit from the vendor independence of our cloud solution. Our online platform can be connected to the hardware of many different manufacturers to read and process your data. We also guarantee long-term investment security. Even if your platform requirements change in the future, the openness of the system guarantees the compatibility with new applications, databases, and developments. Discover your options! 

Which functions of QBRX do you already support in which area today?

Energy management
Energy management
Facility management
Facility management
Building control functions
Building control functions
All functions
All functions
Live data & history

You want to keep an eye on your energy consumption, always and everywhere? You are even interested in trends over a specific period? Just capture and archive this and many other data in real time on QBRX. Access them at anytime, from anywhere; visualize the desired periods and simply compare them with other periods from the past.


You want to introduce a ticket system in your company and make your maintenance and service processes more efficient? These and many other structured workflows can be programmed in QBRX. The workflows run automatically as soon as your defined event occurs.

Alarm monitoring

The energy consumption of one of your air conditioning units declines and you want to know about it? It’s easy with QBRX. Define automatic alerts for various events and technical equipment. Experience the advantages of a structured incident management in case of incidents or deterioration over time.

Remote parameterization

The room temperature is too low but you are not on site to take action? With QBRX you can optimize this and other parameters remotely. You can even comfortably control your technical equipment anytime, from anywhere.

Document management

You are looking for up to date circuit diagrams for a specific system, or you want to get an impression of the situation on site? Just take a look at your QBRX platform. Here you will find these and many other important documents, as well as photo documentation, always up to date and at your fingertips.


You need to submit a report with the most important KPIs to the executive management once every 2 weeks? With QBXR you can create the necessary reports fully automatically, with the precise content and periods that you need. Numerous standard functions will support you in this. You also have the option of creating customized reports.

Technical data management

You are looking for technical data for one of your air-conditioning units, but you can’t find the documents anywhere? This won't happen with QBXR. Simply capture and manage all technical building equipment data on our platform and you will always have it available with a single click.


Your IT wants to capture servers and computer systems on QBRX in order to always know what needs to be replaced and when? The complete inventory of any facility can be captured for management purposes on our online platform.

KPI calculation

You need the energy consumption per square meter or the share of energy costs per manufactured part? QBRX automatically calculates all KPIs and indicators relevant for your company. With our KPI editor you can easily create customized KPIs in addition to standard KPIs.

Data analysis

You need a descriptive monthly trend of last year’s energy consumption? The relevant bar chart can be created with one single click. Discover our extensive portfolio of analysis tools and diagrams. They will help you to quickly and conveniently analyze and display data captured in the system.

We are open!

You want to connect a third-party system to QBRX in order to generate even more additional advantages on our platform? With the openness of our system this is no problem! Please contact us!