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Optimal integration of Niagara in QBRX

The Niagara framework by Tridium has many possible applications for the automation and integration of data in IoT systems and therefore ideally suits QBRX. Our QBRX Connector for Niagara creates an optimal link between both platforms and makes your life easier.

Niagara can be used as a gateway between QBRX and your interface. Whether you’re using modern systems, meters, Modbus networks or even inventory systems – Niagara collects all of your data and easily sends it to QBRX via our Connector and the cloud, where it is analyzed and visualized.

The QBRX Connector for Niagara saves double configuration expense for your project. This way, you can use QBRX fast and effectively. The connection setup between those two platforms is done in Niagara and will automatically be assumed in QBRX.

QBRX displays your messages like alarms and faults from Niagara without any additional expense, so you can react immediately. The transfer and analysis of your data point time series also occurs automatically. Plus, you can adjust parameters like set or limit values and schedules in QBRX and remote parameterize your Niagara projects this way.

The connection always is set up from Niagara to QBRX. Like this, no additional firewall configurations for access permits are necessary and everything can be used in an easy way. 

The QBRX Connector for Niagara is available in Niagara version 3.8 and later.

If you have any questions about this topic, feel free to contact us!

Help Center & Support – your contact points for questions about QBRX

We reorganized QBRX’ support to help you even faster. The help center still is your contact point for articles about all functions in QBRX. We improved the general structure of the help center and tidied everything up to make more room for helpful tutorials. However, the most important change may be the URL:

Contact our new support if you have any questions, problems or suggestions for improvement. You can check the status of your request anytime and talk to us. Explain your issue as a ticket, via email or just call us. We’ll take care of it as fast as possible!



Telephone: +49 361 44214-77

Both websites are accessible via at any time. Just select the question mark in the upper right corner.

Review 2017 & Preview 2018

2017 – what a successful year for QBRX! Just look at what we accomplished: already more than 2,000 facilities with 14,000 data points are managed, watched and analyzed on our platform. Thank you very much for your interest and trust!

We already have many new features planned for you in 2018. We’ll expand our existing team to develop new functions for you even faster. This way, we can guarantee to keep up with the growing standards in the world of IoT and energy management of the future. Compliant with the requirements of the DIN EN ISO 50001 and 50006 norms, we’ll in particular focus on modern data analysis.

We’ll soon provide you with better comparison functions and features for an automatic and intelligent adjustment of your data to meet those requirements. This way, it’ll be much easier for you to eliminate disturbances. This feature will, for example, enable you to compare and evaluate different sites and buildings more reliably.

We work on functions for an intelligent identification of anomalies. For this feature, we’ll use modern technologies in the field of machine learning. This guarantees the greatest possible comfort for installation and operation processes and enables you to identify problems early on. We’ll implement new algorithms and optimize the existing structure of QBRX to achieve this goal.

We’re looking forward to another, exciting year together with you!

Vodafone is talking about IoT – we’re joining the conversation

At the 5th of October, the Vodafone IoT Business Talk will take place in Düsseldorf. There, various experts in the fields of facility and energy management will meet and discuss recent developments in their respective industries.

As an official partner of Vodafone and solution provider in the field of energy management we are happy to participate. Of course, QBRX and its reference projects will play an important role. Martin Wenzel, executive board member of the Hörburger AG and long-time energy management expert, is looking forward to present and share his ideas and concepts about IoT and energy management. Just register for the event online and join us! 

ISO 50001 Certification for QBRX

QBRX has been certified by GUTcert for the Federal Office for Economics and Export Control (Bundesamt für Wirtschaft und Ausfuhrkontrolle) and now officially supports the ISO 50001 standard.

What does this good news mean to you? If you are using QBRX for your energy management, you already meet one requirement for the ISO 50001 standard. Thanks to QBRX, you're saving energy and using it more efficiently. Plus, under certain circumstances you can profit from state funding.

What exactly is ISO 50001? We are talking about an international norm, that supports companies building systems for a more efficient energy consumption. Energy management systems like QBRX will help you to reduce not only your CO2-emissions, but also your energy costs.

QBRX now guarantees, that the control, analysis and evaluation of your data always is certified and norm compliant.

Companies also have the possibility to get state funding for their energy management system. You can find more information about the requirements of your specific country on the website of your government. 

Functions of QBRX

Do you want to know more about QBRX and its functions? Are you interested in a quick start guide? You will find all relevant information on our Help Center.